Ohhhhhhhh we love this coffee so much! Another awesome coffee from Carlos Pola in El Salvador. This coffee is referred to as a Pacamara Dehydrated Honey coffee. Dehydrated Honey process refers to when the producer places sorted beans in porous bags exposed to oxygen for 48 hours. The mucilage then dehydrates and oxidizes and then depulped with little water. We taste Hibiscus, cherry, floral out the wazoo and a big lasting sweetness. These are some big ol beans and we are excited to feature them once again.

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Single Origin Dehydrated Honey El Salvador Pacam ara
We Taste: Tart Cherry, Hibiscus, Sweet
Region: San Juan de Dios, Juayua
Farm: Finca San Antonio
Producer: Carlos Pola
Variety: Pacamara
Altitude: 1400m

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12oz, 3lb, 5lb

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